We forget about the troops

You know that guilty feeling about your privilege that you get when walking by homeless people downtown? Maybe a guy asks you for spare change, and you feel kind of awkward whether or not you have it to give. You tell yourself “this is sad but there is nothing I […]

Why don’t we participate in democracy?

Living in Washington State, particularly the Seattle area, I encounter a lot of people with liberal or somewhat progressive political views. But unfortunately, they aren’t very active in a political or community sense. They may go as far as a Facebook or Instagram post, expressing their displeasure with innocents being […]

It’s the economy, idiot

Looking at mainstream media around the country, you would have no idea how many people are poor and living paycheck to paycheck in this country. But you will constantly see articles about Trump tweets and Russia. Yet none of these experts can understand why half the country doesn’t vote and […]