Not everyone needs evidence I guess

One of the popular go-to bullets for Trumpists who support the newly confirmed SCOTUS member Kavanaugh, is that they believe “evidence” instead of women. It’s a pretty funny, coming from a group of people who deny climate science. But it’s just awful when you consider how much lying the president […]


Do not forget the cost of war

Exactly 8 years ago, I learned that my West Point classmate Chris Goeke was killed in action around Kandahar City, Afghanistan. It was a significant event for me in that it personalized war in a new way. At that point, I was becoming extremely cynical about our continued role in […]


Who do the police work for?

People wonder why there is so much police distrust. Those cops let off 20 shots because he was holding a cell phone. Then stood there waiting for backup for 5+ minutes. Then yelled over to the motionless body, asking if he could hear them. Then finally gathered the courage to […]