Yes, Faux News is Still Racist

So Bill O’Reilly asks Donald Drumpf what his message to African-Americans would be. How will he gain their support. Drumpf gave the same answer that I think any candidate would say with regards to any group- jobs. He’s going to bring all these amazing jobs and we’re all going to love it.

But this is Faux News, and it had to go further than that. Eventually, Drumpf tossed out an inflated statistic about how many Black youth are unemployed. O’Reilly jumps at the chance to denigrate a group of people:

This is…just, wow. O’Reilly comes back with: “But how are you going to get jobs for them? Many of them are ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads.” Now, O’Reilly would have (frustratingly) gotten away with only suggesting that we are poorly educated, because those statistics can be used any way you want to in order to make an argument. But, from what corner of Bill’s racist mind, did he pull this generalization about forehead tattoos?

It’s sickening, the idea of this cretin who looks upon my community as a bunch of rapper caricatures. This is what success looks like on Faux News.

Maybe this is just buildup from the hilarious episode where Bill hosted hip hop stars Cam’ron and Damon Dash. I think that’s the first episode of Bill I ever saw. But Cam’ron doesn’t have tats on his forehead. Bill is pulling this from some kind of imagery? Maybe if I google “forehead tattoo” I’ll see that it is predominantly Black folks. Nope. I did see some rappers in there, though. It wasn’t any better when I narrowed the search to in the USA.


Google search for "forehead tattoos in the USA"

Google search for “forehead tattoos in the USA”


No, Bill O’Reilly just finds it very easy to quickly grab and associated a more negative image of us, whenever it suits the point he is trying to make. And he sits atop his position at this horrible “news” network, spewing his garbage nightly, prominently.

O’Reilly likes Drumpf. Some amount of this entire exchange was ostensibly to improve Drumpf’s standing with Black people! But O’Reilly could not resist, and this does a lot more worse than good. And we aren’t making this stuff up.