Yeah, we told you the DNC was doing that

After our unplanned hiatus the past few weeks, it looks like we’re getting back started by returning to the mockery that is the DNC. Indeed, it’s time to take another stroll down memory lane, because Donna Brazile has publicly admitted that Clinton hijacked the DNC to operate against Bernie Sanders.

It will be the reflex of some Clinton voters to complain that we bring this up. It is still somehow only okay to dislike Republicans, despite the increasingly obvious flaws in the Democratic Party. But if Trump is so bad, how do you not blame the DNC/Clinton for fielding such a terrible candidate? Why is it everyone else’s fault?

Brazile’s Op-Ed discusses the “lack of enthusiasm” for the Clinton campaign. Apparently, Brazile was on the phone with Bernie, urging him to mobilize his coalition, because the outlook for Clinton wasn’t as rosy as everyone thought. The unpopularity contest between Clinton & Trump didn’t work out as indicated by the polls. Sort of.

I guess that’s why they call them “margins of error.”

So what now? I think that is more up to those who are still defiant. Will the core of the centrist Democrats refuse to acknowledge this, and further alienate their remaining Bernie coalition? They can choose to ignore, or act out in defense, but it won’t help. They can pretend this is trivial and flip their noses up, but that isn’t going to get Hillary any closer. Or, they could finally try to do something about it. Say something. Hold someone accountable. Try to do it before it’s too late.