Why won’t Democrats support cheaper medicine?

The Democratic Party continues its relentless campaign to shut down real progressive legislation. Just recently, Bernie Sanders introduced a proposal to import cheaper medicine from Canada. Democrats who opposed this bill were heavily criticized, despite using dishonest excuses about things that they didn’t like in the proposal.

That proposal came back with adjustments to directly address those concerns, and Democrats who opposed it, pretended they would be for the improved version. However, the bill was defeated in committee (13-10) after Democrats Patty Murray and Michael Bennet voted no, again.

I’m pretty sure that Patty Murray did this because she is one of the biggest receivers of Big Pharma donations. But she should have a chance to answer for her deed, so I’ve sent a note. I’ll let you know if my Senator ever answers for this disgrace.



Hello Senator,

I would like to know why you blocked drug re-importation. Until the people are given a proper response, we’ll have to assume it is because you are #5 on the list of recipients from Pharma donations. They gave you more than they gave Trump. If this is the answer that we are left with, then what else needs to be done for you to support cheaper medicine?
A response would be greatly appreciated.