Why Vets support Sanders

This video from Veterans for Bernie Sanders from last month, is a powerful statement from vets about why we support Bernie. It’s not just about who we support, it’s about why we support him.

Throughout this entire primary process, we’ve been trying to get our voices heard. Even with others dismissing us, as I mentioned in a previous post.

The Drumpf supporters can say “winning” and “no muslims” all they want- still no substantive answers on what he’ll do for our disabled vets. The Clinton supporters can say “delegate math” and “incrementalism” all they want- still no substantive answers on whether she’ll stop trying to change regimes.

If Bernie doesn’t win, I fear the combat will never end. By no means am I always right- it would truly be a blessing to be wrong in this case. However, as far as veterans are concerned, we have little reason to believe that anyone but Bernie really cares.