Why do we bother with politics online?

I took a work trip and got really busy, but when I returned back home I thought I’d be more eager to get back to blogging. Back to annoying all my Facebook friends with angry posts about that murdering cop in St. Louis, or the massive increase in military spending. But I couldn’t really find the motivation to really write something out. I don’t expect people to know about or visit my blog. But in my general social media interactions, I started out with some misconception that everyone in my generation was ready to get serious about the future of the planet.

People who were born during the early days of the war in Afghanistan, will start entering the military next year. Think about that. We’ve been at war for so long, we will have adult Americans who have never seen ‘peace,’ or at least whatever it was before 9/11. Nobody cares, though. Not enough people to do anything about it. Everyone assumes that we have a good enough reason to do it, so we keep this war going with no end in sight. In the name of being moderate, people sit silently as combat continues to serve as a jobs program. Most people in Afghanistan don’t really know the supposed reason we’re there.

People would rather see a picture of whatever someone ordered at a fancy restaurant.

It’s commonly argued that speaking up is worthless. But someone else speaking up is what started me. I’ve learned a lot since then.

It’s bad enough that we’re wrecking lives overseas for profit. We have fellow citizens in Puerto Rico suffering from the hurricane, and some people in the States want to debate whether or not we should help them? That is sick. Yea, I don’t understand why they aren’t a state either. But they are us, they are Americans. But we’re spending more time talking about the President’s pathetic spat with the NFL team owners. We won’t spend anytime caring about that CTE cover-up, contributing to rampant ex-player suicides. But let’s read about how Trump is mad that he can’t own an NFL team.

It hasn’t been all bad, though. There is still something that feels very fortunate about being an American. Despite the massive threats to our country’s culture and global standing, we have enjoyed advantages that many others will never know. We have good schools for those who can attend them. We have great companies that create all kind of cool stuff. We have Hollywood and gun ranges and all the top sports teams. We have been ‘at the top’ for so long, though, that complacency has set in.  

This is the reason some of us will keep trying to raise awareness about climate change. Or about crushing student debt and its depressing impact on our economy. We’ll talk about the “thin blue line” and the way it has destroyed any trust we had in police. Someone has to remind people, most discretionary spending is going to war while “leaders” claim we can’t afford healthcare or higher education. We can’t forget about the DNC rejecting the mandate for fairness and the working class, or the GOP’s general lack of functionality. Every now and then, someone will listen when we expose the falseness of the war on drugs.

And maybe one day, we’ll look up and notice that some sanity was restored, little by little. That’s why we bother. And if it bothers other people, maybe that’s a good thing.

I imagine being “worn out” by political posts is similar to drivers being frustrated by protesters.