Why are we helping Saudi Arabia starve people in Yemen?

The country known as Yemen is an absolute hell-hole right now. There are now more than 18 million people there surviving on humanitarian assistance, because a coalition led by Saudi Arabia is blockading by air and sea. Most Americans have no idea this is happening. Most Americans have no idea that we are helping. We have been for years.

Obviously, I’m not surprised that most people aren’t aware of this war. Hell, people here aren’t even really aware of the ‘major’ wars going on. Why are all these Arab countries involved in this war/humanitarian crisis? It’s a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. We finally see the media talking about it, now that Trump is in office, but is has been that from the beginning.

It’s the same old story when you really get down to why. A few more people might remember the Iran Nuclear Deal. Well, Saudi Arabia did not like that deal, and that was a problem for President Obama. We’re too scared that, if Saudi Arabia gets too mad, they’ll switch oil sales to a different currency than the US Dollar. More war for oil, while we all focus intently on crap news about Russia. I don’t know what kind of future this country has. Or what kind of future the rest of humanity has, if we are the ‘leaders.’