When can we stop pretending Trumpists are being honest actors?

We spend plenty of time here exposing the immorality of the ‘Democratic’ Party. Especially those like the Pastor Stephen J. Clay, that child molester in Indianapolis who linked up with Republicans to take over the Indy City-Council. However, we can’t forget that the Democrats work alongside an even more insidious group, commonly referred to as Republicans or the Grand Old Party. And that group has a subsection of folks, Trumpists, who base their entire political ideology on supporting Donald Trump 100%, no matter what.

Ever since the election of Obama, the GOP went into a far-right tailspin that has seen most of them become public liars. All the way, regular people with ‘conservative’ political views have been faithfully supporting them, even when it means they should be embarrassment. Trumpists have no shame in the alternate reality they have created for themselves, and they will not be hampered by the concept of “truth” or “facts” or “science” or any other thing that we use to basically educate children.

A Trumpist is the type of person who will shout “blue lives matter” but then cheer on Trump as he politically attacks the FBI. 

Social media is annoying, but it’s a way to gather insight into the philosophy of these Trumpists. You can glean something just by seeing the memes that people post. Don’t get me wrong – its not a science; but science isn’t something that Trumpists do anyway. I took a look through some Trumpist profiles to try to get a sense if there was anyone in that group trying to put forth a valid argument for anything. I really do not think these people are making an honest attempt to advance any of their viewpoints.

Trump voters seem to think net neutrality existed for no reason. They also think that it is a ‘liberal’ concept despite widespread support for it. All they know is that involved regulations and therefore is bad. This is their excuse for not caring about how telecom capitalism will hurt their access to information and likely the educational development of their families (and country).

This is how you know they can’t be serious. This meme shows such a fundamental misunderstanding of net neutrality, it can’t possibly be an honest attempt at making a point.


Trumpists don’t think that sexual harassment & assault are huge problems that have plagued people (women especially) in our society since the outset. Instead of coming to the logical conclusion that people are quiet about sexual assault due to cultural pressure, they think the #MeToo movement is a brand new conspiracy against white men. I saw a guy share this meme in a serious manner:

This is hilarious. It does not take a profound understanding of this topic to understand why women have been historically too silent about sexual abuse and harassment. Yet, this guy thinks its surprising that it’s coming up now? At a minimum this is very lazy; but it’s more likely to be classic conservative derailing. And its in support of a deviant. The Trumpist who shared this makes it obvious via other posts, they think more people are making stories up than being honest. And of course we should trust their judgement, when they can’t even tell (admit) the President is a pathological liar.


Trumpists somehow think the free market can replace the government, even though they have completely different purposes. I see guys out here advancing narratives that public schools are bad for innovation or communities. So let me get this straight – all of us got together and agreed to pay taxes and form schools to teach our children…but you think the reason they are bad is because they are public? Don’t Trumpists understand that it benefits society for MORE people to be properly educated (competitive) and available to complex businesses? Treating education like a competition is basically treating our country’s children like a commodity. There’s no such thing as a truly free market, because defined markets can’t exist without rules. Yet these Trumpists won’t just admit anything that clearly, so once again we aren’t having a honest debate.


Trumpists think we should deal with border control like war-torn countries, rather than like industrialized countries. Check out this fantastic logic shared by one of my favored Trumpists:

LOL! So, our country is in debt because we don’t handle our border like North Korea and Afghanistan? Or to look at it from a different angle, is this supposed to imply that violent border control leads to a more stable society, based on it being somehow tied to debt? Afghanistan has the second lowest national debt of any country (related to GDP), and it is not an example we should aspire to. The only reason people are aware of Afghanistan in the US is because we’ve been dropping bombs in their country for 17 years. The other top-5 low debt countries aren’t that great either: Brunei, Estonia, Solomon islands, Uzbekistan. This will not, however, stop a Trumpist from posting these ridiculous leaps in logic.


It is all bad stuff, but the main problem with Trumpists is that they don’t care about truth. They are seriously committed to spreading disinformation, whether or not they know it to be such. They’ll share everything they consider pro-Trump with little effort to fact-check anything. They’ll derail the conversation if you try to debate on any solid facts. Overall, they just aren’t being intellectually honest. And there are still too many “neutral” or “centrist” people who pretend they are acting in good faith. I call those Trumpist-enablers.


But in the interest of this “common ground” that Trumpist-enablers speak of, I found a Trumpist share that I could possible agree with.

This meme is originally intended to be an attack on political correctness, but I’ve just shown you how to acknowledge the beliefs of these Trumpists, and I don’t feel like I respect those beliefs at all. Nobody’s perfect I guess. But this meme perfectly sums up how I felt as I perused the content of these misguided scions of American debate.

“These Trumpist talking points are fucking stupid, are you kidding me?”


We could probably have a debate with less emotions if we gave a damn about using facts instead. But when you go into the debate as a dishonest actor who refuses to debate along any factual basis, how do you expect it to be anything other than polarized? Please, Trumpists & Trumpist-enablers, stop talking about finding common ground if you refuse to present an argument that’s remotely grounded.