We’ve been lied to

To the 1 or 2 people who have been actively checking back, my dearest apologies. Things got hectic for us recently, but AlexTalk is not dead! In this small section of the internet world, I hope to launch whoever I can into today’s real war- this one is against the establishment’s corruption. Our culture, our politics, our minds, have been polluted very purposely with so many notions that are more propaganda than fact.

I’m lucky enough to spend a lot of time around smart people. I have people in my daily work who are classically book-smart about so many things. I have a spouse whose emotional perception is nearly super-human (if it isn’t actually super-human). As much as I like to spend time out here pontificating, I think it’s important to recognize that I’m just learning things, and I’m just passing on the learnings.

I recently learned of the truly incredible depth of corruption and propaganda that lives throughout the food industry, thanks to some documentaries and personal insights from people in the industry. I spent some time today chatting with some others who have learned the same, and it was encouraging. More people than I thought, realize that sugar companies are flooding the media with lies while ruining the health of our children. More people than I thought, realize that we are currently consuming an unsustainable and earth-threatening amount of meat.

Why is it so much more encouraging in the places I frequent now? I don’t understand what they taught us back in middle/high school, that has so many of the people from my hometown… lost, for lack of a better word. Were we taught to accept the things that are said on TV? Is it just human nature? I feel such sadness when I think of how much ignorance is out there, including my own, and it makes me feel helpless, in terms of doing anything about it.

That’s why there is AlexTalk. I could never state with 100% confidence that everything I put out there is fact, but I try to give these statements the due diligence that many well-intentioned people just don’t have the time for. I know there are some people that see ‘millennials’ as this lazy group of people who had everything handed to them, and continue to thirst for ‘free stuff.’ You have to leave those folks alone to some extent- they have no concept of the current American experience: being told that college is the gateway to a good life, only to realize that you’ve become a life-long slave to debt.


So I say, we’ve been lied to. Yes, there was a time when a family could live on a single income. Yes, there was a time when someone could go to college, and not have to pay for it for 30 years. There was a time where someone could buy a car, and not have to pay for it for 5 years. But today, people are paying $1 million for an apartment in nice places. Corporations have taken so much control over our society, that the punishment for having cannabis is more prohibitive than ripping people off for their life savings.

In some form, we must continue to struggle against this trend of destruction. Parents need to look beyond their bubbles, and realize that the entire world matters to the future of their kids. We all need to remember what our civilization really is: an awesome invention that no being on this planet has mastered as well as us. Our society has fallen ill, but we can save it. However, we’ll need to step out from the blissful ignorance that some of our elders and mentors enjoy- because we have work to do.

Let’s get it; let’s fix this place. You can even join me here if you want.