Washington Residents: Fight Corruption!

Wolf-PAC Washington is making the final push to pass SJM8002/HJM4004, a free & fair elections resolution. They’re calling for an end to money in politics. There are other groups and proposals that claim to want the same, but what makes SJM8002 special is that it doesn’t require Congress to fix the problem. Congress, as you might be aware of, is the hotbed of corruption that is the reason for this at all.

SJM8002 (and companion HJM4004 in the state house) would represent Washington joining the call for a constitutional amendment. It requires a large number of states to prompt the needed convention, and of course the results need to be ratified by 75% of the states (civics lesson for ya). Opponents are lying and calling it a ‘constitutional convention’ in an attempt to scare people into thinking the constitution can be re-written here. But this is the only option other than asking Congress. And this is better than asking Congress, because they are simply too captured by money to regulate this. You know it. I know it.

So if you live in Washington this is your chance to help. In less than 5 minutes you can go online and tell your state senator that you support this bill. If you don’t live in Washington, check out the work being done here and then make it happen in your state as well.