Trump doesn’t want to win, and I’m #StillSanders

I’ve discussed with some friends the real possibility that Donald Drumpf’s presidential campaign isn’t serious. While we swim in the ocean of lies that our mainstream media constantly refreshes, there are few aspects of each candidate that we can really say for sure. We know that Drumpf is arrogant and childish. We know that he responds to tough policy questions the same way a school kid does when they haven’t done their homework. There’s good evidence to suggest that Drumpf is xenophobic, or racist, or even not as rich as he says.

We also know for a fact that Drumpf has supported Clinton and other Democrats in the past, although he has technically given more money to the Republicans. But the conversation isn’t really Democrat-Republican anymore. This election cycle is about the corrupt establishment, and it’s attempt to suppress the rising tide of dissatisfied voters on both “sides” of the political landscape. People are starting to realize that the two-party system is actually just a one-party system, and that one party is comprised of ‘the elites,’ regardless of what political affiliation they claim.

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That’s why I don’t think Drumpf is serious. This guy improperly assesses his own value based on the market value of his name; how could he be serious? He doesn’t plan on releasing his tax documents, because he knows that we’ll all see that he doesn’t really have as much money as he claims. If you could, imagine that your livelihood depended on your name recognition, and not much else. Running for President would be one of the best ways in the WORLD to get free media coverage to boost your name recognition, regardless of your own credentials! Drumpf has enjoyed far more FREE MEDIA from the mainstream media than anyone could imagine to pay for. This guy is Ben Carson 2.0.

The reason why I bring up Ben Carson, is that he definitely didn’t want to win either. Ben Carson actually took a break from campaigning at one point, so that he could go on a book tour. I’m pretty sure, this was while he was in the top 4 candidates at the time! You aren’t serious about getting the nomination if you are leaving the trail to sell books. Donald Drumpf is taking it up a notch here, though, pushing all the way through to the general election, where he will most likely nose-dive, on purpose.

Who would run for President, under the premise they would actually construct an impossible wall between the USA and Mexico? We are talking about something that is fiscally, and potentially physically impossible to complete, as it is currently proposed. Nobody wants to get elected and then fail to do the only thing they specifically set out to accomplish. I hope Obama will be disappointed when he leaves office and didn’t get Guantanamo closed. Now Imagine Drumpf, in his immature nature, going into office knowing that he is going to fall to do the only thing he said he would do for sure.

I’m going to take this a step further by suggesting that the Clintons also specifically prodded him into running. The Clintons know Drumpf personally. I’m pretty sure all these money-grubbers could put their heads together and see the mutually beneficial effects of a Drumpf GOP run. Drumpf gets his name recognition significantly boosted, and Clinton gets protection from her horrible approval ratings by having a worst opponent. We’ve recently seen documents leaked that show the Democratic National Committee was actively planning to support Clinton before the race even started. It is not a crazy idea that they would have liked to see an incredibly ridiculous TV personality ruin the Republican party, which is now happening.

I’ll need a whole new blog post to get into all of the reasons I will never vote for Clinton. I’m #StillSanders right now, and will be unless he flips to support Clinton. Drumpf donated to Clinton’s senate campaigns 5 times, and now he’s just helping out some more with this ridiculous presidential campaign. It’s working. The Clinton campaign is now actively gaining support from Republicans, who don’t realize that their shenanigans and attitudes have exposed them to this type of manipulation. Whatever truly conservative Republicans are left, are still fighting the idea of GOP Drumpf. I assume they’ll be calling themselves Libertarians soon.

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For anyone who is still hoping to vote on principles/facts/policy rather than identity/fear/hate, you won’t find a presidential candidate in either major party unless Bernie wins the Dem nomination. It’s time to find an alternative on the national scale, but the local races are critically important as well! Bernie supporters who are #BernieOrBust, you still have progressive candidates in lower races that need your votes even if Bernie isn’t on the ticket. Republicans who don’t support anyone because all your candidates suck, I’m sure you still have conservative candidates in your local elections that need votes. You should go vote for them, at least until you realize that we’re all in this together and get over your conservatism.

So no, Drumpf doesn’t want to win. He probably wants Hillary to win. Don’t’ support either of those losers.