THE problem is money in politics 1

Those of you who think the government exists with the original intention of actually accomplishing things, I agree. What is the point of all these people who wear suits in Washington, D.C.? They should be doing their job! Recently, they don’t seem to be doing well, leading to horrible results in all kinds of polls.

The red line is supposed to be the low one. Learn to congress!

The red line is supposed to be the low one. Learn to congress!

If you are concerned about the government, it’s logical that you have some issues that are important to you. And a few of those are extremely important. If your shortlist of issues doesn’t include money in politics, you may have missed something along the way.

Our members of congress spend HALF of their time trying to raise money for re-elections. Since our elections are not publicly funded, they have an enormous competition going on in perpetuity, racing each other to the big money donors. Is it really that critical that they spend that much time begging for donations? You guessed it- data shows that over 90% of elections are won by the candidate with the most funding!

Now, you can start to see why your congressperson never seems to get anything done. Now you know what those people in the Senate are doing, instead of trying to confirm a Supreme Court judge. The elite few of every city, state, and special interests of this country are getting their way because our congress members have to beg them for money.

So, I understand that some of you are more concerned about other crucial issues: civil rights, economics, terrorism/war, abortion, taxes, whatever. If you expect your congress to achieve ANY of it, we have to address the money in politics first. This issue has nothing to do with party lines or any other bull that the mainstream media uses to spin it. They will continue to spin it, because this money benefits them directly (commercials).

I personally support Wolf-PAC because they are working on an amendment to achieve free & fair elections. At a minimum, we can all let our elected representatives know that we want this money out of our democracy. Not just “unaccountable” money, like some fake-progressive politicians may say- we need our democracy to be really free.