The planet is getting wrecked; should people still be procreating?

We’re destroying the planet. It doesn’t matter how much scientific evidence comes out to tell us this; we don’t stop. We can’t stop, as we are permanently stuck in the cycle of obsession over consuming things. Our own government released a report (on black friday to reduce its impact) that details the potential impact of our climate changing activities.
There has been some pathetic murmuring about this amongst our official leaders, but they still get to basically ignore this while corporations influence the global attempts at curbing climate change. So this leads me to the question – is it really a responsible decision to start a family anymore?
It seems like a lot of people believe the recent climate assessment, which says we’re heading towards catastrophe if we don’t take immediate steps to reduce our impact on rising global temperatures. But has anyone done anything about it? The mainstream press and the public in general spent a day or two talking about this, and then moved on because the Christmas cycle was starting (oh man, there were great deals on all kinds of cellphones and toys).
With the increasingly common understanding that the environment is not infinite and invincible, will it eventually be a morally proper choice to not have kids? Wouldn’t the planet last longer with slower population growth? Is it unfair to birth someone to a hopeless situation?
It feels like a very extreme idea to me, but it’s the natural result of connecting 2 parts of realty: we are steadily destroying our environment, and people are not ready to sacrifice in order to save it.

What are some things you can do if you want to start fighting climate change?
Tell your congressperson to make the country join and remove corporate influence from the climate accords
Tell your news company to start talking more about climate change instead of just russia and twitter
Find a way to reduce your consumption of meat from massive agriculture. Support alternative energy and renewable sources
Do something to get money out of politics. The people you elect don’t do the right thing because of political donations and lobbyists.