The Democrats lose some more

At this point, anyone who follows politics honestly would have to suspect the democrats don’t want to win. Another special election ended, and this time it is this Ossof guy losing to an amateur, in a district that Trump won by 1.5%. I figured a year ago that it was Trump who didn’t want to win, but the evidence against the Dems is just as bad. How else can we explain them losing 4 special elections since they gave Trump the presidency?

The democrats are no longer the party of FDR. Roosevelt was so popular, he is the reason there are term limits for the job. The people kept electing him until he died. He was a true progressive, and should be the Dems ideal, in the way that Reagan is for the GOP. So why don’t people like Clinton, Tanden, or Pelosi ever mention him? Because he represents policies that would lift the working class, and that isn’t the interest of these neo-liberals.

So why don’t enough people vote for these Dems, if the Republicans are so unpopular? Because we can’t figure out what the democrats stand for anymore. Now that gay marriage has been legalized, the Democrats are running out of concrete differences from the Republicans. They no longer support liberal economic policy. They warmonger and protect the rich, claiming to appeal to care about the marginalized.

In the same way the Republicans lie about caring for small business owners, the Democrats lie about caring for the middle class. Why else would they be satisfied with Mitt Romney’s take on a healthcare plan, even after they’ve been wiped out from so many seats in legislatures? They’ve opted into a system where they serve the same interests as the GOP, except they get to lose more since they lie to the more informed. They’ve forced otherwise reasonable people to embarrass themselves, trying to defend a candidate who admitted to having different personal and public stances. Way to run on values.

The failing is constant, and frustrating. People need an alternative to the Republicans, and we don’t have a viable one because the Democrats are bought. Maybe they really believe they can find success as the 2nd-place conservative party. But even more likely, and more concerning: they would rather lose to Republicans than win with populist policy.