The debate sucked

Round 1 of the hypocrisy hacky-sack game, known as the presidential debates, has just concluded, and it looks to be about as expected. We got no look at third party candidates tonight, because even Gary Johnson would have probably destroyed the couple of utter losers we watched. To Hillary’s credit, she at least discusses some actual policy. Trump was supposed to be the better jouster so he came with no policy stuff, but he also failed at jousting. This doesn’t change my current opinion that Trump doesn’t even want to win this.

The most troubling segment of the debate was in foreign affairs. Both of these candidates are horrible because they are the wrong people to lead the USA on a global stage. Trump isn’t interested in doing it and would be completely incompetent. Clinton doesn’t care how many poor people must be sacrificed to the military-industrial complex for the advancement of corporate interests. Did she really mention a surge? Either way, there isn’t a lot for the world to be positive about, looking at these two.

Clinton is getting a lot of credit (as planned) in the mainstream media because she seemed so much better prepared. Since the out-of-touch media has done such a good job removing the substance from politics, there’s no doubt that they’ve got plenty to discuss about all the lies Trump said, or about how HRC didn’t start coughing. Trump is going to remain unfazed somehow, unless he does something more deliberate to torpedo his campaign. I believe he will, but I wonder how soon.

The battle of careful talking point versus maniacal bloviating was a weak one. Clinton must certainly have “won” it by actually having something to say, but that’s supposed to be the take-away, right? Had either third party candidate (or Bernie) been involved, this would have been extremely entertaining. If Jill Stein ever gets the chance to wreck Hillary in a debate, it’s going to be groundbreaking. For now, we get served this slop.
We can’t vote for either of these two. We can’t trust them. Our problems are too urgent.