The best candidate to run against Trump is Bernie Sanders

Bernie took the Democratic Primary in my home state (Indiana) this week. Nice job, Indy! I think everyone who participated as a volunteer felt particularly good about this one, as it’s considered a substantial upset. Despite all of the positive texting and phone conversations that I had leading up, I was nervous- but I didn’t think his chances were as slim as the pundits portrayed.Bernie’s chances are still slim, but it is a step in the right direction. I don’t think he’ll be dropping before the convention.

Now, on the other side of politics, the failboat is finally coming into harbor. Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee, which is… epic. There are people burning their RNC registrations and posting on twitter about it. We’ll have to see if Trump can win them back with his (Christie or Carson?) running mate. I do believe that it’s possible for the RNC to pull some craziness, or even for Trump to get tired of this and leave on his own. I really think he hopped in this thing for the publicity. He wanted to sell books like Carson, and it’s just gone out of control. This is just hilarious.

The best candidate to run against Trump is Bernie Sanders. The polls show this. The polls also clearly show that Clinton would have the advantage. But remember that Bernie is much stronger with independents than Clinton. Let’s talk about the difference in voter turnouts and what that would mean for the entire election.

“Bernie Sanders is the longest standing Independent in the history of the United States Congress. Consequently, independent voters have flocked to his campaign en masse.” -Shaun King

Does anybody here think Clinton is going to raise a larger voter turnout for the democrats? If so…then I suppose you can move on, because you aren’t going to agree with anything else here.

If Bernie is the nominee, he’s going to stir a massive turnout. He won’t be the only democrat that gets voted for as a result. There are down-ballot candidates, which up until a few days ago, the Clinton campaign was bragging about supporting with money. They need people to overcome cynicism and participate so the Democrats can win back the congressional seats.

If Clinton is the nominee, and we have this negative fear-mongering campaign versus Trump, people are going to sit. Clinton is already the weaker play against Trump, and her best strength is basically the craziness of Trump. Sure, it is a fine strategy, because he seems likely to torpedo himself. But, really? She is down against the presumptive nominee but she is still the must-pick lesser evil, even as people are recognizing that Bernie’s platform is that of the future?

Trump might be a pretty dangerous scenario for us; we shouldn’t mess this up. If we do unfortunately choose Clinton, and she gets elected, I hope she’ll be as progressive as she claims. The people do want money out of politics- maybe the government will have to.

But, I still think Bernie can do this.