Super Delegates: Democracy Fail

I’m back on the topic of DNC super delegates because this really pisses me off.

The media heavily used the number of superdelegates early in the political season, in order to emphasize the impression that Hillary Clinton was a formidable front runner. There was finally enough noise from informed sources about these superdelegates to get the media largely to, at a minimum, admit when they are lumping in superdelegate numbers.

Who are these superdelegates, whose votes are more important than the rest of us? They are a bunch of party elites and elected officials, with some (via nepotism) extra DNC superdelegates mixed in. Many of these superdelegates are members of congress, who are more interested in getting elected than anything.

The superdelegates are held separately from the rest of the voters, allowed to pledge their vote to whichever candidate they want, and they don’t actually commit until the nominating convention. Why the hell does a system this nondemocratic exist? Well, decades ago, the party elite determined that letting grassroots candidates have too much potential was too democratic for them. The superdelegate system was set up specifically to prevent populist candidates from overwhelming establishment candidates who were connected to the elites.

So here we are with all of these superdelegates supposedly committing themselves, with no consideration at all for their voting populace. This seems ridiculous, but I know that, if enough pressure is placed on the superdelegates, they will vote with the people. But for now, they have to support Clinton. Why? For the only reason for anything: money.

Since August of last year, the DNC has had a deal with many state Democratic parties to funnel money to her campaign. They used state loopholes to avoid the limits on money that donors could get to the candidates. Basically, give money to the state parties, which gets moved up to the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Wow.

How does it help all these supposed superdelegates? Well, this money is shared with them so that they get help with their own campaigns. They need money to campaign and keep their own seats. They are minions to Clinton; even in extreme cases they support Clinton over the popular candidate. In Washington (Sanders won 73%) as of this writing, there are 17 superdelegates, and 10 of them are prematurely ‘pledged’ to Clinton. EVERY superdelegate that sits in an elected office has prematurely ‘pledge’ to Clinton.

Disgusting. Legalized money laundering.

We need to do something about this terrible system of superdelegates, and these unbelievable campaign financing loopholes. The primary is not being conducted fairly, and the people are having their voices drowned out by dirty politics and corporate influence. We cannot allow a system to go on, in which the Democratic party just expects the votes for whoever they choose to lead.

We have to get involved.