Stephen James Clay is a child molester

I’m just going to apologize in advance to any of the (very) few regular readers of AlexTalk, because this entry will not be what you are used to. I am about to discuss a personal matter that has affected one of my best friends for the past 15 years. This is a very emotional issue, so I felt is necessary to warn you all that this blog may be significantly more…colorful in it’s language than any before.

Okay, now that I have somewhat done the disclaimer thing, it’s time for me to introduce you to a disgusting human we call Stephen J. Clay. He was recently elected president of the Indianapolis City-Council. Around 15 years ago, as a christian pastor, he sexually molested a teenage member of his congregation. That teenager is my best friend since childhood.

In an incredible act of courage, inspired by the rest of the #MeToo movement, my buddy came out and made this known. Stephen Clay, however, has decided to lie and claim that this is some kind of political tactic. Quite ironically, he made himself the chair of the City-Council’s Public Safety & Criminal Justice Committee; so the lunatics are really running the asylum these days.

He claims to be a man of God as the Senior Pastor of Messiah Baptist Church, but he is a dishonorable scumbag. He calls himself a Democrat, but shamelessly partnered with Republicans to take control of the City-Council. Those Republicans are hypocrites who kicked out one of their own for molesting girls, yet turn a blind eye towards Clay, who molested a boy. Stephen Clay is supposedly an assistant chaplain to his county’s Sheriff Department, even though he is a repulsive criminal.

Well, the Department of Child Services report is out in the media now, and we see what happened. The DCS concluded, based on the original report and statements made during their investigation, the allegations were substantiated. This means that the case should have been investigated. But the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department ignored it. The police Lieutenant was Randall Taylor, who is now an assistant chief at the department. This guy had the audacity to claim they couldn’t locate the alleged perpetrator, even though he has been the senior pastor at the same church for decades.

Fucking gross.


We’re not going to stop exposing this detestable creature named Stephen James Clay, until he admits what he did.

Here’s the report if you don’t believe me.