The New York Rangers

So, I’m a huge fan of the NHL’s New York Rangers, thanks to childhood memories hanging out with my beloved uncle.

We’re at the point in this NHL season where the post-season picture is becoming clear, which means that many half-informed hockey fans are currently over-estimating how good the Rangers are because of a strong regular season.
Right now (3/12/16), The “Rags” have 39 wins, 22 losses, and 7 overtime losses. This puts us around 2nd or 3rd in the Eastern Conference, which sounds really cool!
Unfortunately, the gap between 3rd and 1st in the Eastern Conference is kinda deep. Think about it kinda like the NBA Eastern Conference, where there are 1.5 strong teams and everyone else is just going to see what happens. The Rangers have some good pieces on their team, but faulty management has effectively made them the best regular season team and worst post-season team for like 3 years.
You’ve now gathered that I’m one of those fans that takes it too seriously and gets just as upset about things as I get excited. This is how I really enjoy the game.
In 1 week exactly, I will be attending a Rangers game in person!!! This is one of the extreme high-points of each year, as I generally only get 1 chance per year. Woohoo!