Why doesn’t any care about #StandingRock #NoDAPL?

It amazes me that Americans and Native Americans have been protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline for nearly a year now, and nobody seems to think it’s a big deal. We’re talking about a corporation being granted fast-track access to build a crude-oil pipeline through sacred Native American grounds and under their water source; how is this not fascism?

I’m a member of Rallypoint, a social network that is heavy with conservatives, and the only reaction or explanation they can give, is that this shouldn’t be considered dangerous, or the left-wing media is trying to distract for some reason. How depressing, to think that oil is more important than drinking water to them.

Whether or not you believe that fossil fuels need to be eliminated, you can’t argue that pipelines don’t leak unless you hate facts. By the way, if you hate facts, this is a terrible choice of blog to visit. So why isn’t is more important that we are prioritizing this oil pipeline over the water source and cultural dignity of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation? Let me guess Hillary-fans: because Trump?

It’s time to stop being distracted by political shenanigans, and start actually working the fix this broken mess. Money in politics, the corporatism, it leads to this. And Obama is ready to limp out of the presidency with a shattered legacy, and turn his eyes away from this, showing a disappointing lack of backbone. If you all are really so worried about the fact that Trump (of all people) won the electoral college, then when will you step up? I like how Shailene Woodley put it:

“I think there’s a lot of fear surrounding Trump, and I’m the one weirdo who, the second … he was elected, I was like, ‘Alright, roll up your sleeves, let’s do this.’ Because for the first time in a long-ass time, white privilege, race privilege, culture, tradition, religion – nothing’s going to save you anymore, nothing’s going to keep you safe.”