Sinema fighting the filibuster reform, of course

Here is a joke of a sentence:  “For weeks, Sinema and fellow moderate Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia have come under intense pressure to support a rule change that would allow the party to pass their legislation with a simple majority — a step both have long opposed.”

I wonder why the mainstream media refers to Sinema and Manchin as “moderate” when they are clearly center-right (at best). There are 2 explanations:
1. They are politically uninformed or just stupid in the area of understanding the political spectrum
2. They are blatantly misinforming you to paint a misleading picture that Democrats can’t be conservative. Concealing the fakeness of the Dem establishment.

Either way, the media doesn’t seem very deserving of trust… just like dems and republicans. Electoral politics has failed in this country because there are no true opposing options and the public is wildly misinformed.