Shouldn’t have quit

I stopped making content for this site because it seemed like the effort of putting it together wasn’t worth the returns I was getting. Not that I wanted a lot of people to see the blog; but that I hoped it would train me in how to have some kind of constructive dialogue with my community. I ended up skipping the opportunity to post something because I was going through motions:

  1. I would go to a great effort to bring together suitable materials for references and whatnot, just to be clear that I attempt to research things
  2. I would go wade through the trash on alt sites to learn what the counter-arguments were, in some kind of hope that analyzing those here would help me provide a rounded viewpoint
  3. Working through parts 1 & 2, I would be so frustrated by the sensational approaches of “left” & right-wing media, that I ended up leaving angry comments in all those places

Nothing about this blog is being submitted for an award or dissertation or anything like that. The original goal was to shout into the ether and that should still be it.