September: Stormy by all accounts

We roll to September in the 2017 “year of the sociopath” recap. The hurricane season in the USA was already brutal in Texas, but they were followed by impacts from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. It was near the end of this month when the mayor of Puerto Rico claimed they weren’t getting sufficient aid from the feds. Trump responded by criticizing her, of course, and drew ire from most people who care, and don’t like seeing their president punching down* in the national spotlight.


  • Los Angeles had the huge La Tuna fire that destroyed thousands of acres.
  • Trump declared he would end The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), prompting widespread protests and some powerful fist-pumping by Trumpists.
  • America’s supervisor, Saudi Arabia**, decided to finally become the last country in the world to let women drive cars.
  • The Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship, but their top player said he didn’t want to visit with Trump in office. Trump withdrew the invitation afterwards like a child. In other Trump sports news, he called for the owners of NFL teams to fire players who protested by kneeling for the national anthem.
  • Mass shooting: 8 people were killed at a party because an alcoholic had a gun and was upset about his marriage collapsing. He went looking for her at her place of employment first.
  • After Trump hired his new, more formal chief of staff, Trump’s bodyguard/friend resigned to get back to making civilian money. This was before the Director of Health and Human Services was forced to resign; he spent over $1 million in taxpayer dollars to travel on private and military jets.
  • Amazon announced it wanted to build a second headquarters, prompting dozens of cities to submit desperate proposals, begging Amazon to build there.
  • The US Senate blocked an attempt to revoke authorizations for the Iraq & Afghanistan wars. All these people want to do is wage war for profit. They are sociopathic; they don’t care.


Footnotes are for people in the far future.

*In our times, it is common for people who are better-off to blame problems on people who have lower status. For example, citizens are convinced to blame immigrants for the lack of quality jobs, but can ignore the outsourcing by corporations that plays a larger role.

**Saudi Arabia, despite being a hotbed for terrorism, can never be judged harshly by the US because they are so important to our position in the global oil economy.