There is still hope for Bernie Sanders in the Democrat presidential primary. Somehow, despite all of the media bias and legitimate criminal activity happening with voting, Sanders’ message is getting to people. He’s just taken the lead in some national polls.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Bernie is still in this thing, because now the primaries and caucuses are moving to states that are more likely to be progressive or actually informed. There is still the DNC deception of ‘super delegates’ that spreads biased doubt over the whole situation, but this is all still possible.

The truth is, that the super delegates are MOSTLY people who want to get elected again. These people who have already endorsed one way or the other, before their electorate, are trying to influence their electorate to do the same. They will not ultimately go against the will of their voters, because I bet they really really love being elected.

Polls have suggested for quite some time that Bernie was stronger than his opponent against the republican candidates. With these latest polls, we specifically see democratic voters choosing Bernie, which is a huge win for him.

That said, there is a HUGE uphill road ahead, since Arizona just went handily to the opponent. By the way, there is also an investigation into potential voter suppression. Surprised? There were similar shenanigans in a couple other states like Nevada and Massachusetts. Bernie won Idaho and Utah on the same day; the media didn’t care much.

Bernie is down by a ton, and he has to win really big in the future states. If you are a supporter, this is the point I ask you to consider giving just an hour or 2 per week to volunteer with the campaign. Or just phone-bank from your home. I spend more time than that, but it’s been a rewarding experience and I’ve gotten to meet many cool folks.

Washington is going to be very important. It is favored to go to Sanders, but remember the other team isn’t playing fair. Encourage your people out there to go support Bernie- let’s do something big this year.

I like The Young Turks take on it.