Rough Tuesdays

I’m a Sanders supporter, and we had a rough time during the primary votes that happened today. Basically we tied one state, and four others went to the opponent. The natural corporate media reaction is to declare this pretty much done, but I do believe they are aware that it’s still not over.

It would take some pretty seriously strong wins in order for Bernie to overcome the opponent, but his best chance is still ahead of him with the upcoming states. The primaries were heavily front-loaded in the south, in places where the opponent can really win a primary thanks to horribly ill-informed voters, but then will still lose the general election, once again thanks to even more horribly ill-informed voters. There is a chance in future states where Bernie’s message is more easily/commonly spread. There’s a more detailed and more positive outlook on reddit.

The thing that really irks me about the way this race is covered, is that the media isn’t helping anyone understand and really learn what is going on. They are so concerned with sensationalism that they aren’t taking the time to be good journalists, check facts, challenge people who are blatantly lying, teach voters WTF a super delegate really is, stuff like that! It’s just so sad, these networks play such a big role in the process, you would think they want to give appropriate treatment to all the candidates. But no, yesterday’s “town hall” on MSNBC was a biased joke. They had their leading opponent shill, Chris Matthews, interview the opponent while having the happiest time of his life. On the other hand, Chuck Todd is somewhere else with Bernie, launching all kinds of Drumpf comparisons and other crap. Sigh…they just won’t quit. I liked this video from The Young Turks on it.

So, we’ll see what happens. I’m going to continue supporting Sanders.

I’ll just hope that there are enough other people left in this country that actually value integrity.