Democrat Super Delegates 1

For those of you that follow USA politics closely enough, you are aware of the concept of these “super delegates” in the Democrat Party.

In the most basic sense, ‘super delegates’ are special party members that get to have their own personal vote toward the party’s nominee. It’s one of the least democratic things you should expect from political parties.
Super delegates are not officially pledged until the actual nominating convention. However, this is very poorly explained, and the media continues to use these delegate numbers in the primary campaign window to paint a vague picture that one candidate has many more candidates than the other. This is done in the hopes that people will see the favored candidate as “the winner,” and their mindless instincts will drive them to support that person just because they want to be on the winning team. You can pretend that people don’t think that way, but you are only kidding yourself. I’ve spent countless hours calling and texting people in support of campaigns and this is a surprisingly common sentiment.
So here is what I propose:
1. Ignore super delegate numbers
2. If a reporter uses super delegate numbers in their tally, you should seriously question their journalistic ethics, and take whatever else they say with caution
3. If you don’t think its fair that some people (even currently unelected people) have more powerful votes than you, contact the DNC and make your voice heard : Contact the DNC
4. Read, read, read some more- don’t let the corporate media turn you into a tool
Til next time