People still denying Clinton’s failures

We have news, maybe not actually that interesting, that a guy is signing up to run a primary challenge against Bernie Sanders for his senate seat in 2018. Someone should challenge in every primary, which is why it shouldn’t be a big deal. But in this case, the guy is running on the platform of ‘revenge for Hillary’:

“I hold him absolutely, centrally responsible for Donald Trump being president…That’s my number one issue.”

His name is Jon, and he actually has a cool track record of advocating for the homeless. But why would a homeless person use “I was with her” as his battle-cry against against the most popular progressive in the country? Because Hillary supporters still refuse to admit that it was her fault that Trump is president. This guy is running specifically on the premise that it is Bernie Sanders’ fault that Hillary Clinton lost the election.

When they aren’t directly blaming misogyny for Clinton’s failures, the corporate Democrats and their supporters still maintain that Clinton won the election, and the forces of evil screwed her over. They don’t care about her lack of press conferences, or bad campaign strategy. They don’t care that the candidate was so bad, she actually used a strategy of hiding from people. They ran an entire campaign on the assumption that you will win as long as you raise a ton of money, and are less unlikeable.

Well, Trump is certainly less likable than Clinton, so it MUST be someone else’s fault that she lost. And this guy Jon seems to think that having “remember Hillary” as the core issue of his campaign is worth a shot. Go for it, dude. You think Bernie was wrong to run a primary challenge against Hillary, so your hypocritical response is to run a primary challenge yourself.

I’m sure Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is very excited somewhere.