Our Corporate America

America is a place, where war is an industry.

Poor people offer to sacrifice their lives to the machine, either for patriotism or economic survival.
They come home broken; sometimes in body, sometimes in mind.
They go homeless, commit suicides, and even if they are ‘successful’ may struggle to find a place in society.

America is a place, where being poor is considered a moral failing.
People go bankrupt from medical bills, then we blame them for not having a good enough job to afford it.
We don’t think it is the government’s job to help with that.
So we divert the money back into the war industry.

America is a place, where ignorance reigns supreme.
Personal chefs make $60,000+ a year, while people who take care of children make minimum wages.
But to be fair, the whole place did start with the slaughter of natives and the enslavement of millions.
So what did we expect?