Not everyone needs evidence I guess

One of the popular go-to bullets for Trumpists who support the newly confirmed SCOTUS member Kavanaugh, is that they believe “evidence” instead of women. It’s a pretty funny, coming from a group of people who deny climate science. But it’s just awful when you consider how much lying the president does, and the ever-growing number of unsupported claims he makes on a weekly basis. What are some of your favorite Trump lies and unsupported claims?


Crowd size: Dude lied about how many people were at his inauguration, and the photographer was told to crop out empty space in the area. HA!

Illegal voting: Dude claimed that millions of “illegals” voted in the election and NEVER had any evidence for it.

9/11 wives: He said the wives of 9/11 hijackers went home to Saudi Arabia to watch 9/11 happen on TV.

Iraq War lie: He keeps trying to convince people that he was against the Iraq War, even though he answered “yeah” when asked if he supported the invasion.  

Murder rates: He loves lying about crime. He said the murder rate in the US was the highest its been in “45 to 47 years” which is a lie. He also incorrectly stated that the murder rate in Philadelphia was “steady, I mean just terribly increasing.”

Hilliary: He pretended Hillary Clinton supported single-payer healthcare, when everyone knows she only wants to keep Obamacare and yelled that it would “never, ever come to pass.”

Oh no Sweden: He acted like some devastating incident happened in Sweden on a certain night and it was bullshit.

Superstar status: He said he gets bigger crowds than Beyonce & Jay-Z.

Possible rapist: He claims his sexual assault allegations have been disproven but they’ve only been forgotten (by most).

Electoral grade school: When he got called out for lying about having the most electoral votes since Reagan, he goes “Well, I was just given that information. I don’t know. I was just given…We had a very big margin.”

Warmonger: He claimed that his $700 billion military spending bill was a record…except no, Obama signed a larger version ($725M) in 2011.


We could go on forever with this, but these are some of the favorites for me. Ignorant Trumpers will believe anything he says because in the end, they are more scared of other poor people than being exploited by the rich. The rich Trump supporters know why they are doing it. They aren’t really Trumpists as much as they are Trump investors. Both groups think they are geniuses, though, since that what this f*cked up society told them.