No, Obama, you are supposed to do LESS wars

Anyone remember how important it supposedly was for President Obama to get us out of Afghanistan? Remember how he won a Nobel Peace Prize? You probably should forget, since Obama is using his final efforts in office to plunge us into war in Somalia. In case you missed it, they are using 9/11 to justify this, even though the group they want to attack DID NOT EXIST when the towers were up.

Why? See here:

This is why Clinton is a war hawk. Corporations need us to keep expanding this empire as American consumption increases. The effect, is that we trample all over other countries, if we think they stand between us and oil. The Iraq War was very real to the 4000+ US troops who lost their lives, but the reasons for it were fake. How long will we let our government use false information, at the behest of reckless capitalism? Do we really need to over-extend and risk losing everything? I don’t think we should do this.