No, Budweiser, you aren’t America 3

When you google the name “Budweiser,” you get this on the info panel:

budweiser knowledge graph

There used to be a time when ‘Budweiser’ was 100% American-owned and operated. But even before that time, the original Budweiser beer started in the present-day Czech Republic. What we Americans call “Budweiser” was named after that original beer.

Anyway, Budweiser’s parent company consistently makes some kind of patriotic gesture every year. But this time, they’re going to temporarily re-label the beer as “America” through the presidential election cycle.

Okay, now we need to reign this in. First off, Budweiser, you no longer represent America in whatever sense some people thought you did, previously. As of 2008, Budweiser is owned by a Brazilian/Belgian conglomerate now known as Anheuser-Busch InBev, which is located in Leuven, Belgium. The largest American-owned brewery is Pabst. The largest 100% American owned and operated breweries are Yuengling and Sam Adams.

Second, Budweiser sucks! There just isn’t anything to be proud about with this beer, compared to superior beers all over this country and the rest of the world. Changing Budweiser to America is like Taco Bell changing it’s name to Mexico.

Should have named it “Murica.”