Neo-liberals getting ready to screw up 2020

Now that we are crossing into 2019, politicians and their mainstream media shills are signalling their intent to ruin another presidential election. It doesn’t really matter what the right-wing is doing now, because neo-liberals are getting ready to fail no matter what. The first sign is the never-ending worship of Joe Biden, Beto O’Rourke, and Kamala Harris.

No. You all try to do the same thing you did with Hillary in 2016, and you will fail again. You keep running on a platform of pro-business corruption and you will fail, again. You try to elect another false prophet with empty promises, and this will not end like it did with Obama. Back then, there weren’t enough millennials paying attention.

The older faction of Democrats are preparing to fail us. I have some friends who are Democrats and claim to be liberals, but they recently told me stuff like this:

  1. One person who think themself a ‘radical’ said that banning lobbying is a bad idea and impossible. How are we supposed to influence politicians as much as corporations do if lobbying is allowed to just run rampant?
  2. One person who was crying over kids being separated from families at the border, thinks that we need to be careful before ending our support of Saudi Arabia. Why don’t you care about the children in Yemen who are dying of starvation from the blockade? Since you care about kids being separated from their families, how about by death?
  3. One person who donated to Hillary says that she fights harder for minorities than Bernie Sanders. Oh, you mean the past two years while she was on speaking tours or writing books? During the same time, Bernie has been fighting for fair wages for everyone and trying to push universal health care. Hillary famously yelled that single payer “will never come to pass!”
  4. One person who wishes they had Obama back, doesn’t mind all the suffering happening in Palestine. Its apparently much worst for someone to boycott products from Israel (which should be illiegal, ha!).

If you thought the victory of Trump meant that Democrats will automatically win in 2020 despite repeating all their normal corrupt behaviors, let us save you some time…

You will fucking fail, again.