Memorial Day is for the Fallen

I have no idea if people will really look upon this Memorial Day weekend as much more than a celebration of a long weekend. I get it; everyone is already miserable, so they need the time to relax and have a party and get some rest. But in the event you stop to pay some kind of tribute this weekend, please remember that this day is for the fallen.

It’s completely natural to manifest this celebration as one for veterans in general, because we are still around. But Memorial Day is really about those veterans who are not here. Those people like Chris Goeke and his 2 sergeants. Many veterans struggle with a lifetime of health problems or profound guilt; but these Americans gave it all.

And if you could find the time to consider what they died for, that would be icing on the cake. Remember what they were supposed to die for, and what people are still supposedly dying for today. I don’t know the circumstances yet, but a classmate of mine passed away just last week.

We are at war right now. Even if you don’t know exactly where or why, it’s happening.

Live it up; but please respect & honor the sacrifice to whatever extent you can.