Maybe if we just ignore the politics, they’ll go away

The people at Respresent.Us posted an awesome video the other day related to the inevitable election fatigue. You have to check it out before we proceed:

This is amazing satire, and gets at what a lot of people really feel. I am sure that some of my facebook friends are tired of seeing my attempts to kick knowledge around, as if I’m the only one with it. But I keep posting, because I still believe it is more worthwhile than a picture of whatever I ate.

The point is, people wish they could turn this incredibly long election cycle off and move on. The problem is, they want to move on; they don’t want to do anything about the problem, they just want to move on. It’s one thing if you really consider yourself making a statement to not vote; there is no rule that you have to, and to demand your obedience to politics would be fascist. But those people who just want the cycle to be over so they can go back to not caring about the policies…those people are wrong.

The issues at the root of our political debates will be there, long after whatever corrupt politician takes the oath. Money in politics will still control everything against popular opinion. Young people will still have their lives ruined to fuel perpetual war. Climate change will still threaten our very existence. You don’t get to just hit a RESET button and start posting unlimited selfies and food porn.

If you need to go order a protective barrier against the cries of those trying to change the world, so be it. But when the world melts away, either politically or environmentally, you were complicit.