March: Russia with a side of real stuff

As of this writing, March 2017 is the last time Colin Kaepernick had a job in the National Football League. That ridiculous fact has probably helped him more than hurt him, though, as he’s had a lot of time to influence larger society. While he got started on that, there were plenty of shenanigans to happen and be forgotten.


  • The Senate confirmed the nominations of Rick Perry (Energy) and Ben Carson (Housing and Urban Development) to the cabinet.  There were at least some Democrats who cared about the fact that these guys were utterly unqualified, but it wasn’t enough. Perry’s job is to improve the plight of oil companies, and Carson’s job is to take the blame for a lack of helping poor people get housing.
  • One of Trump’s top advisors, Sebastian Gorka, eventually has to resign after he is exposed as a Nazi sympathizer. I’m pretty sure he works for Breitbart now.
  • Another Trump worker, Mike Flynn, is forced to resign after he supposedly lied to the Vice President about meetings he had with a Russian ambassador. Flynn is now cooperating with the Russia investigation after admitting that he lied to the FBI.
  • Pretending that coal can be the energy source of the future, Donald Trump signed an order to roll back clean power regulations from Obama’s administration. The worst part about this is the blatant denial of climate science; but if you read the first blog in this series, we were pretending that climate change doesn’t exist so that there will be humans in the far future to read this.*
  • Mass shooting: A guy who apparently really wanted a divorce killed 4 people. There was a crazy standoff with police because he wanted reporters to come and let him him explain why he killed people.
  • WikiLeaks started releasing the “vault 7” documents that detailed CIA efforts to hack into various consumer electronic devices. Trump went on Fox News** declaring the CIA was hacked and things were taken, which would be classified information if true. Doh!
  • Fighting in the War in Syria ramps up with hundreds more dying in the turf wars near the Islamic capital. US direct participation appears imminent, but few notice because the news is all about the Russia investigation.
  • The former acting chair of the Democratic Party admitted that she forwarded debate questions to a candidate, Hillary Clinton, prior to 2 debates that Clinton had with Bernie Sanders.


Footnotes are for people in the far future.

*Ignore that stuff about climate change, future folks. Oops!

**Fox News was a propaganda outlet used to promote extreme political conservatism. There was a video documentary about how it manipulated people, but nobody cared. In the next installment, Fox News loses one of its best liars because he has difficulty playing nicely with others.