“Liberals” turning right-wing overnight

Neo-liberals have rotted the core of Democrat principles so bad, I’m now seeing some movement of people who were progressive a few weeks ago, now declaring that they are switching to right-wing. If you haven’t seen it yet, you are probably thinking that this makes no damn sense. That’s because it doesn’t.

Apparently, the greatest problem facing humanity is now identity politics. These people are so disappointed that the neo-libs wrecked the DNC with it, that they now think conservatives are great. The thing that is so fail about this, is that these people only see 2 options:

  1. I like the Dems so I’m liberal
  2. I don’t like the Dems so I’m conservative.

Fantastic rationale from someone who is against identity politics; base your entire philosophy based on a major political identity. I have less respect for that, than if you stake your whole political identity on some irrational non-central issue.

This last campaign cycle has thrown people off the deep-end. All flavors of left-wing folk are eating each other alive with purity tests, and then we have this element of random ship-jumping. Let me guess: when history repeats itself and everything swings harshly liberal again, these people will be back in agreement with Bernie Sanders?

Please. If you are now okay with Republican corporatism, because your feelings got hurt by Democrat corporatism… just stay over there.