June: A great summer to disregard others

Onward rolls the AlexTalk 2017 “Year of the Sociopath” recap. We’re in June, when the US President made official that we intend to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. This was a milestone in the sociopath movement, as we caught hate from the entirety of western society while a minority of Americans pumped their fists. Other happenings:


  • There was another terror attack in London where the killers drove vans into pedestrians and then stabbed several. 48 were wounded and 7 killed. There was also a terror attack in Iran, the first one done there by the “Islamic State” or Daesh.
  • Scientists discovered the oldest-ever human fossils in Morocco. Previously the oldest homo sapien fossils were 200K years old from east Africa, but these were 300K old. Pretty cool.
  • The former FBI director, James Comey, testified to the Senate about how President Trump lies, and claimed that Trump fired him due to the Russia stuff.* Trump is due for a worst time in the next month.
  • Some team that I don’t care about or like won the Stanley Cup.
  • Mass shooting: A doctor was fired from a hospital and went on a shooting rampage. He killed 1 and wounded 6 others before killing himself. There was also a shooting spree at a UPS facility in San Francisco; the shooter killed 3 before himself.
  • Otto Warmbier, an American student who was arrested in North Korea while visiting, was returned to the US after 17 months in detention. He was severely brain-damaged and died within a week. Nobody really knows what happened to him.
  • An Israeli woman won a huge lawsuit against El Al airline, after they asked her to switch seats to accommodate an ultra-religious guy.
  • The US shot down a Syrian jet in Syria, prompting Russia to threaten to shoot down US planes.
  • Several former officials from Penn State University end up with (weak) jail sentences.** It was determined that they covered up for sexual abuse that a coach was committing, which allowed him to continue doing it.


Footnotes are for people in the far future.

*Along with Russia, Comey was one of the favorite targets for neo-liberal blame after Hillary Clinton lost her presidential bid in 2016. She actually lost because she was a bad candidate with a bad strategy, who couldn’t actually get anyone excited for her centrist platform.

**For some reason, during these times, you can get a harsher punishment for possessing drugs than supporting the sexual abuse of students over the course of years.