July: Big-mouths and bullets

We arrive at July of 2017, when the news was constantly lit up with announcements of people leaving the presidential administration. It also had the speech from Trump in front of the Boy Scouts, where he upset a bunch of parents by making it overtly political. That was right after he said “who the hell wants to speak about politics” to the crowd of children. Haha! Good times.


  • The White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, stepped down from his post after President Trump appointed a big jerk* to be the White House Communications Director.
  • O.J. got parole.
  • A third attempt at repealing the Affordable Care Act failed. The Republicans started trying to come up with a replacement since they couldn’t get the repeal done.
  • Despite how much conservatives talk about the deficit, the House of Representatives passed a massive spending increase for the military and ridiculous border wall.
  • Mass shooting: 25 people were shot at a nightclub in Arkansas. July was very violent, with the city of Chicago having over 100 people shot (15 killed) in one weekend.
  • President Trump finally fires his Chief of Staff, who he didn’t really get along with ever. He puts in General John Kelly, who proceeds to try to bring order to the situation like one of those tough nannies on television.
  • The US gets military victories in the Battle Mosul in Iraq, and in news that a key Daesh leader was confirmed dead. A more profound but less understood victory might be the oil wells that were retaken in Syria.
  • Volvo was the first car maker to announce that all models will be hybrid or electric by 2019. France also announced that it would ban petrol and diesel cars by 2040.**
  • Everybody saw the hated governor Chris Christie out sunbathing at a beach that was closed. Christie had ordered the government shutdown that caused the beach to be closed.
  • The big bank Wells Fargo was reported to have forced over 500,000 customers into buying auto insurance they didn’t need.


Footnotes are for the people in the far future.

*That big jerk lost the job about 10 days later for being a big jerk.

**We’re not sure why they would do this since climate change apparently doesn’t exist.