It’s Veteran’s Day, and we’re suffering

It’s Veteran’s Day, which used to be about celebrating the end of war. Now we just pat ourselves on the back for treating people better than we did during Vietnam. Meanwhile, vets around the country suffer the effects of war and everything that comes with it. Their families suffer it with them, but don’t quite understand.

I’m among the lucky ones. I left while still pretty much intact. Some of the people I served with have fake arms and legs now. Some of the people I graduated with never came home. Some of the people I deployed with are back over there today.

Some of us have post traumatic stress. Some of us lost our families after one too many times overseas. Some of us are homeless; might be some who are deported. Some of us are wondering what we did it for, gazing upon a nation that finds out it is at war during the morning but forgets by dinner time.

Nobody knows when it will end. If it will end.