It’s the economy, idiot

Looking at mainstream media around the country, you would have no idea how many people are poor and living paycheck to paycheck in this country. But you will constantly see articles about Trump tweets and Russia. Yet none of these experts can understand why half the country doesn’t vote and why people still think other immigrants ruined their life.

Humans need to care for themselves and their families first. When they go to vote, they vote for whoever they think will allow them to protect those things. But the media doesn’t cover the economic failings of the Democrat or Republican policies, because the media is just a bunch of corporations, dependent on the same broken policies. Student debt is crushing many people and families, but the media and parties say nothing.

The Republicans manipulate their voters into caring about deficits when someone talks about our poor, but then they ignore the deficit when its time for tax cuts or military budget increases. The Democrats abuse their past status of the workers party by promising economic solutions but then conceding power to the corporations over those solutions. Both parties have intensely incompetent leaders, who act as pawns for the people who donate the most money.

Do something that actually helps people survive automation and offshoring. Whichever party decides to actually do something for the people, might actually achieve less than 50% of the country hating their guts.