Is victim-hood the ultimate Conservative weapon?

I had to stop in the middle of writing a post, despite the delay, and completely start over, because I noticed something that really annoyed me while I was writing it. While explaining a link between corruption and private prisons, I noticed myself taking great care with the language, in the off-chance a conservative person reads it. My thought was, “I want that conservative person to keep reading and understand my points, so I’d better be careful not to say anything that could be taken as offensive to them, morally or intellectually. But wait a minute – I thought liberals were the snowflakes?

I thought liberals were the folks getting triggered by anything that isn’t politically correct, or “direct and to the point” as they would say. Of course not. Obviously, the bond that ties together this sporadic group of Trumpist apologists, is the victimization that they all feel about themselves. They feel like their culture is a victim because these other people are coming into the country. They feel like their gun rights are a victim because a lot of people think background checks should be extensive and mean something. They feel like their religion is a victim because schools teach evolution and abortion is legal. They feel like their dignity is being attacked because too many people think Trump is racist and associate them with that racism. For some reason, they don’t feel like their lives are at stake if/when the ACA is repealed? Oh wait, they do! At least in some places, they do.

There are so many ways in which these types show themselves to simply be victims. And maybe it’s not so much ‘conservatives’ or ‘liberals’ as it is ‘corporatists’ and ‘anti-corporatists.’ Think about it: Supreme Courts have been conservative since Roe v Wade, and they haven’t overturned it. That issue is waved around by Republicans because they know enough people will support them because of that. Even if those people will lose their job and healthcare after all the regulations fall. When the smoke clears, abortion will still be legal, and they’ll really be victims.