I thought those Democratic Slogans were jokes

I’m going to have to go at the Republicans sometime soon, because the Democrats now look like they are specifically working to be ridiculed. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) decided to try out some slogans and get votes from the public, and WOW are these things stupid.

Resist & Persist?

Remember when the Republicans were jerks for joining together to block anything and everything, just because? This isn’t any different. You are basically saying “vote for me because my strategy is to resist everything before I even hear it.” This is really stupid.

Sher Persisted We Resisted?

I’m not sure who we are talking about in terms of persisting. Is this Liz Warren or Kamala Harris or (say it ain’t so) Hillary? It is already hard to care about the answer to that question, without the additional knowledge that this slogan is worthless no matter who it is! We have to be able to accomplish something more than merely resisting. They love talking about resisting, because you can pretend to do it, and completely fail, but say you did it anyway.

Democrats 2018

This is the most hilarious one. The short version, “Democrats 2018,” is completely lame. Then, they thought it would be cute to add “I mean, Have you seen the other guys?” This is incredibly dumb! The primary problem that is crushing the Dems right now, is their utter lack of an actual platform. Still, despite their repeated failures, they haven’t upgraded their slogan to say anything other than essentially “we aren’t Trump.”

Make Congress Blue Again?

It’s cheap. It’s boring. It’s uninspiring, and it’s corny. This might be what they were going for, but it’s pathetic overall.


Wow, the Dems are actually serious about trying out these slogans. I wouldn’t recommend voting, unless you’ve already given them your email address.