#HillNo: You might be pragmatic, but you aren’t progressive

American politics has a huge over-simplification problem. The  average person that feels “informed,” holds onto the oversimplified idea that Democrats are always left-leaning moderates, or full out liberals/progressives. This just isn’t true. It’s especially untrue when it applies to Hillary Clinton, so can we please all stop pretending that she is progressive? If she wants to be a center/right moderate, and be proud of it, fine. But for the love of the spaghetti monster, please hillbots, stop pretending that she is progressive!

The reason that HRCFs (Clinton fans) need to pretend she is liberal, is simple. The DNC must continue their charade of representing liberal values, so that they can keep betraying us with neo-liberal policies. The strategy is simple:

  1. Run a black corporatist for president, under the guise of him being a progressive; get 92% of the black vote; fail to stop going to war
  2. Run a female corporatist, under the guise of her being a ‘progressive who gets things done;’ suppress the democratic vote since you now can’t dominate minorities; fail to stop going to war
  3. Now that you have given the ignorant masses their token candidates, you are free to help your corporate donors as much as possible, as long as you don’t turn as bad as the Republicans

That’s really all it is. I know that some of you think you are making history somehow, and that’s all you care about. It is what it is- you are perfectly free to keep lying to yourself. But please, don’t pretend that we are supposed to be on the same team here. Any Democrat HRCF could support Bernie Sanders, because he represents the liberal values that HRC pretends to represent. But it does NOT work the other way. A true Berner would not openly accept HRC as a candidate, because we know that she is pretending! A clear record of constant flip-flopping and mistake-making should have made this obvious.

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I use the term HRCF for Clinton fans, because her support is based so heavily on pure identity politics, that I have no other idea who would support this person. I can’t say ‘democrats’ and imply that those are HRC supporters, because that wouldn’t be fair to the truly progressive democrats. I can’t say ‘republicans’ and imply that those are HRC supporters, because their party platform requires that they pretend HRC is the enemy. I can’t say ‘feminists’ and imply that those are HRC supporters, because any informed feminist would understand that Bernie’s platform is better for women and children than HRC’s offering of some vague/false ‘trickle-down feminism.’

Ask the usual HRC supporter for their policy-reasons, and you won’t usually get much. While tabling for Bernie at a festival last weekend, I came across a lady who was super proud to yell out that she supported HRC. She figured that she would walk by and antagonize us at the Bernie table, and she didn’t expect me to call her bluff.

HRCF: Go Hillary, woo hoo!
Alex: Clinton supporter? May I ask why?
HRCF: Oh, well, she’s going to do better for the women’s rights.
Alex: What do you like about her women’s rights stance?
HRCF: She is going to help women be more equal.
Alex: Do you know any specific things she is going to improve for you?
HRCF: Not really…but she is also good with the immigration, too.
Alex: Which candidate do you think is stronger on immigration reform?
HRCF: Hillary is good with the immigration.
Alex: What’s your most important policy issue?
HRCF: Oh, I prefer not to talk about it too much, I think she’ll be good with the immigration.
Alex: Thanks for chatting with me, enjoy the festival!

And that’s pretty much standard action when it comes to extracting substance from the common HRCF. You would have an easier time pulling teeth from a dragon. You might have an easier time finding a dragon, than an HRCF that can argue with facts rather than rhetoric. What’s in those wall street speeches? Why did she give up on universal healthcare? Why did she circumvent national security fundamentals because she didn’t want to learn how to use email on a computer? Why does everyone still think she is so qualified, if she has to explain her entire record as a series of mistakes?

So no, it doesn’t make you progressive to vote with your genitals. I will admit, that I was tricked by Obama the first time around, and in the end, he was the lesser of 2 evils on the DNC side. But we know better now. And we need to elect progressive politicians to congress, even though the hope for a progressive president is almost gone this year.  But the DNC is running out of time; they can only convince people to vote against their own interests for so long. Once the non-internet generations move out, truth and facts will return to power. So enjoy the neo-liberal ignorant bliss while it lasts; because progress is coming.

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