He’s disappointing, I know. But it’s early?

So Trump is off to a start that is mostly fail so far, but to be fair, not every single thing has been bad. Sure, he has horrible approval ratings, and his term started off with the largest protest in US history, but it has only been a few days. Even though most of Trump’s actions thus far are frustrating to me, I will at least give him credit for starting off ‘gung ho’ and doing some things, even if they may just be symbolic.



He signed a memo that said we’re getting out of this. We should. Good work!


Repeal the ACA

Well, he did sign an executive order that says to do this in some vague terms. I suppose it is good that it is so vague, because it gives the GOP time to figure out a plan to replace the ACA. I’m pretty sure that if they really repeal the ACA without some protection for the people currently on it, they’re opening themselves up to some serious backlash in the future.


Build a wall

Looks like he is sending out the executive order to do this today. This will never actually be done, however, because it is infeasible. The most that Trumpists can hope for is a partial wall or some fences; and then the administration will claim that Mexico paid for it via the re-negotiation NAFTA.


Drain the swamp

Obviously, Trump never intended to do this. His selections for cabinet have been just as corrupt, if not more corrupt, than any president before. At least he is being more upfront about it by shamelessly nominating people who have no business being there. Pathetic work, here.


Act like climate change doesn’t exist

Yea, he is nailing this one. He is bringing back the efforts for DAPL and the Keystone XL pipeline, and removed references to climate change from the white house website, as if that changes science.


We still have yet to see what kind of foreign policy stuff will come out. I think this is where he is especially behind, since Americans don’t care that much about all the wars we have going on. He is supposed to come out with a new plan for fighting ISIS, and he’s supposedly against wars for profit. This is a pretty big category to actually prove his worth; I wonder if we can expect anything from this administration to actually be helpful beyond that (initial) rejection of TPP.