Equality means money out of politics

Below is an excerpt from a letter I wrote in favor of HJM4004, which is a state resolution calling for a Free & Fair elections amendment. I’m a member of Wolf-PAC, a volunteer organization that is pushing such legislation as a way to get money out of politics. If you’ve become so tired of not trusting your politicians that you want to do something about it, join us here.

“Equality is very important to us. As an interracial couple we have experienced the effects of cultures that do not value all types of people. Despite my contributions to America as a West Point graduate and Army veteran, my step-mother doesn’t want me in her family. Regardless, my wife & I believe that most people want fairness. Most people want to hear others and also be heard. Most people want action to deal with the important issues like Climate Devastation and healthcare. This is why we’ve spent years volunteering for efforts to improve & protect democracy.

The greatest threat to equality (and every other American value) is the influence of wealthy special interests in politics. Our current election rules allow the richest members of our society to unfairly impact the candidates that run for federally elected positions, via campaign donations and other schemes that sway voters. Our nationally elected leaders cannot stand for the poor and the sick when they are forced to spend so much time courting the well-off. This situation doesn’t work well for my wife’s newborn patients, who have parents struggling to pay for their care. People have lost faith in their government and half the country doesn’t vote. This situation is not what I went to Afghanistan for.

We joined Wolf-PAC because it represents the most effective step we can take to saving our politicians and people. Congress is unable to fix this problem, for the very reason we need this solution! We truly believe that if people could start trusting their government again, we can raise all Americans up, and deal with the more critical threats to human society. This is important, and every issue comes back to this.”

Unfortunately, it’s 100 times more fun to post a selfie than to call your state representative, but remember that you (might have) voted for them. All we’re trying to do is get the states to do something that Congress refuses to do. But check it out yourself and you will see what I mean.