Dudes, Stop Attacking Women’s Rights

Are we still doing this thing in America where we pretend Roe v Wade isn’t settled?

Let me get a couple housekeeping items out of the way. I understand that I don’t have a uterus, and I’m not here to speak for women. Perhaps, I’m here to speak for men who make an attempt to be an ally. I’m really just speaking for myself. I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman, but I would advocate for their rights as I hope women would advocate for mine.

Okay, so in the latest example of ridiculous GOP television crap, Donald Trump seriously implied that he would like to return to the days of abortion law where they were banned and women were punished. What is this shit, serious?

Today I heard an XM radio caller vehemently claiming that the whole problem here is “using abortion as a form of birth control.” This is mind-blowing stupidity, in multiple ways; I’ll speak to whatever pisses me off the most.

  1. Is there an implication here that having an abortion is some kind of simple, convenient process? Like, many women are strolling around just getting this taken care of? Despicable. This has to be one of the hardest decisions a person is ever put through, not to mention the possibility of complications or at least pain/cramps in the time after. Women were DYING from these in the outlawed days. When people diminish the impact of this on a person, that’s just fucking shameful.
  2. The only actual issue here is this caller’s inability to understand that he’s not in control of a woman’s body! There was a good response from the host around that idea, and he brought up a good point. If you (man) think abortion should be outlawed, then you should *only* have sex with the intent to procreate and that must be made clear with your partner. You republicans going to stop screwing your mistresses, except to have babies?
  3. Why are we still doing this? How is this still a thing? I vaguely understand the desire to strike some moderate balance or put regulations around something, but this right-wing obsession with controlling what women do is just exasperating.

Just stop.


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