Don’t waste your chance to look ‘right’

People who supposedly care vehemently about politics are out here on the internet failing. They have an opportunity to really get their voice heard because of the crazy political climate, yet they this opportunity because of some simple failures to reflect. You may be wondering how I could possibly think that pro-Trump radicals are “failing” in a year where they toppled the queen of the Democrats. What I’m really trying to say is: the alt-right should take better advantage of this window of opportunity by being reasonable, rather than gloating and/or otherwise wasting time until they lose again.

According to data and math, lower voter turnout yields more radical candidates. Clinton would have performed better this time around with a better turnout, and she’s was the “status quo” candidate, and obviously considered less radical than Trump. But most people aren’t radical (or else it wouldn’t be called radical). If everybody votes, and these are the only 2 options, the people will generally select the less-radical candidate. It is also true that our society, overall, leans towards liberal beliefs, even if some vote against themselves and go Republican.

Now, I know that some people are really going to get their feelings hurt at the suggestion that society’s values are liberal, even if there is evidence. It is more important to notice that there are more middle-class and poor people than rich people, and eventually, people are going to figure out that corporations are hurting us more than immigrants. People would already be electing more Democrats to Congress if the party itself hadn’t destroyed trust by going neo-liberal. Even if you want to still argue against this point, you should be able to admit that the young (future) generations are more liberal than past. Yes, the young Republicans as well.

“But in addition to the generation’s Democratic tendency, Millennials who identify with the GOP are also less conservative than Republicans in other generations… just 31% have a mix of political values that are right-of-center, while about half (51%) take a mix of liberal and conservative positions and 18% have consistently or mostly liberal views. Among all Republicans…53% have conservative views; in the two oldest generations, Silents and Boomers, about two-thirds are consistently or mostly conservative.”

So, if you really try to think about this critically, in an attempt to be productive here, the Republicans should be taking advantage of this time that they have so much voice, because conservative ideology needs better understanding these days. Eventually, Americans are going to get more politically involved, and turn out in larger numbers. When that happens, you will more clearly see the shift to the left side. This is of course assuming that the Democrats do not ruin this with their utter incompetence. I don’t want to lose the good things in the conservative agenda just because you all feel validated for a moment. So, I would really expect people who believe in conservative principles, to engage in a productive way with liberals so that we can learn the advantages of the things they care about. Not every liberal policy is going to work out the way we expect, so we need to understand and compromise in a way that benefits everyone.

I am seeing right now, that a lot of people want to act very rude to each other throughout the internet because they are emboldened by this Trump election, as if it is some huge win for the right-wing or for conservative values. Unfortunately, many of the things that were wrong with Hillary Clinton are also wrong with Donald Trump, so none of us should actually be excited about what happened. We should all be paying very close attention to what the Congress is up to, because they have a horrible approval rating and do not get the type of negative attention that they really should. Now is the time for people to realize that our true fight is against a greedy capitalistic establishment, and we need to band together to stop it.

Regardless of what side you fall on, the common folk need to think about how we are engaging with each other and try something different if the hostility isn’t working. Slowly but surely, we can separate the people who actually care from the people who are just out here yelling for sports, and maybe we can force those in power to bend to our will or go away. If you want to be a part of the solution, you’re going to have to admit that we all have been a part of the problem.