Don’t blame progressives when you get rocked in 2018

The Democrats are in the midst of the laziest down-punching you can imagine, marginalizing third-party voters and embarrassing themselves; all because they couldn’t stomach the idea of running a good presidential candidate. With Trump coming into office, this would be an ideal time to fix mistakes and prepare to benefit from his faulty leadership; he is sure to be terrible at least at some few aspects of the job.

But instead, these people are going to argue against real progressives, defending Clinton and Obama, and this strategy will continue to fail. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think that voters are looking for a change. How’d that work out last month? I’m talking about the congressional races, just as much as the presidential. I guess they really don’t want to differentiate themselves from the Republicans after all.

What do you expect to happen in 2018, if the Democrats decide to use the same strategy that got them to this point. There will be ~25 Democrats running for re-election, compared to something like 10 Republicans! Do you really want to go with the same strategy of being neo-liberal and pushing fake social justice & real war? How thick does a group of supposed leaders have to be, to continually miss this message?

They will be looking for someone to blame. Mainstream media clowns write about how the millennials messed this up for everyone, despite the fact that old people voted more for Trump. Then they want to yell about voter fraud, after spending the primary season gas lighting all of us about the possibility of election manipulation. The hypocrisy is on level 11.

Do not blame Bernie voters for Clinton being a shitty candidate. Bernie was filling stadiums when Hillary couldn’t fill high school gyms. Do not blame Stein supporters for Clinton being a shitty candidate. Hillary was supposed to have a firewall of states she couldn’t lose, and she failed. And when 2018 shows up, and the Dems get trounced even further, they can blame their gutless selves.