Did you know we were at war in Yemen?

Another chapter in American military-separation syndrome.

It’s pretty sad that our media is so corporation-dominated that they can’t be trusted to give us a full view of what’s going on in our country, let alone our world. Things have gotten so bad, that we have troops being protested against in Yemen, and NOBODY in mainstream media is talking about it. Nobody is talking about the war in Yemen at all. Why isn’t anyone asking these political candidates (if they are so important)? Probably because those hawks wouldn’t give answers that reasonable people would like.

So how about it- did you know we were at war in Yemen? Did you know that American lives were on the line in yet another foreign land, and do you know why? Sadly, many people in this country really don’t know what is going on with our military interventions. They are blind to the military-industrial complex, and don’t know just how far America is reaching around the world. So few of us are/know veterans, that the nation has forgotten us.

At least there’s a holiday I guess.


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